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Extending Creative Practice

The Extending Creative Practice (ECP) is a European project which is motivated by a desire to make ICT accessible to marginalised communities, particularly elderly people and isolated people from rural communities.

Extending Creative Practice (ECP) involved five partners from four countries exploring the use of digital storytelling as a means to increase the use of digital technology by older people and provide an opportunity for old people to tell personal stories


About Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling is a workshop based approach to ICT training.  Using widely available software, trainers work with participants to develop story ideas and compile them into a two minute piece which is then shown locally and shared across the internet.  Participants acquire skills and confidence in “an accidental learning environment”.  Involvement in digital storytelling can often transform peoples’ self perception, building confidence and a sense of self worth, as well as providing people with new skills, a means of self expression and a social presence.  It is particularly important that completed stories are heard and seen.


About the partnership

The coordinating UK partner, Digitales, specialises in digital storytelling and has managed the successful delivery of workshops since 2005.  It has a particular interest in the innovative use of digital storytelling and has worked to adapt the workshop methodology through a series of European projects.  This partnership brings together media, education, public services, social care and educational partners in Slovenia, Romania, Finland and the UK. The Slovenian partner, Mitra, is a small NGO production company which has established links with organizations across Slovenia that work with elderly and elderly with special needs, the Finnish partner, Laurea – University of the Applied Sciences runs Caring TV which is an interactive television service for elderly people and the Romanian partner, the Progress Foundation, works closely with the Romanian Library Association which is refurbishing libraries across the country.  Working with these partners enabled ECP to reach elderly people in different settings.  Formative evaluation was a core part of our work and CUCR from Goldsmiths in London worked alongside the partners to capture learning to take forward beyond the partnership.


Progress Foundation






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Our Programme

The ECP programme started with two train the trainers sessions hosted by Goldsmiths College.  An additional session was held at Laurea in Finland.  These laid the foundations for locally led workshops and training sessions with older people in Finland, Romania and Slovenia.  Trainees told their own stories in short films which were collected on the internet and showcased in a conference hosted by Mitra during Maribor’s time as European Capital of Culture in 2012.

This event provided an opportunity for organisations and participants to share their stories and reflect on their